Exec One services are so flexible that it’s best to speak direct with our team so we can ensure we understand your needs and goals. Please call the Exec One team who will love to have a chat with you and answer your questions.

What fees do you charge?

The last thing you want to hear is that there are no set fees and charges because you want to know whether our services are affordable before you contact us but the reality is that every situation is very different. What we do promise is that beyond the price you pay, is the value that you will receive. We also promise that you will never receive a bill for our services that you haven’t agreed to up front. In most instances we operate on pre-payment so costs are known to you before you commit to the service.

Will I be locked in to a contract?

Not unless you want to. We may agree to have set fees that require a contract for basic services however all other services depend on your needs and pre payment is a way to avoid lock-in period contracts.

What is your refund policy?

Exec One prides itself in upholding the legal requirements for refunds as required by the Office of Fair Trading in Queensland. However, we pride ourselves more in having a great relationship and partnership with you. If at any time you have concerns about our service, please contact any one of our team who are authorised to provide you with a resolution and we will endeavour to set things right.

Do you provide online training?

Our study at your own pace, online financial literacy training is under development. We will announce the expected launch date in the near future! Watch this space!

How do I know that I am getting commercially sound coaching and guidance?

The Exec One founder and Director is a degree qualified accountant who has undertaken professional level CPA studies together and has extensive experience in provision of commercial accounting and management services. All Exec One senior staff are required to be either degree qualified business managers or CPA/CA equivalent with experience in commercial businesses of all sizes including start ups, small business, medium enterprise and major infrastructure entities such as public sector, airports and mining corporations.