About Us

The Exec One Approach

Exec One is here to back you by working with you to keep you on track to achieve your business and personal financial goals. All businesses are pressed for time and resources. Exec One fills that gap for you. We provide you with professional insight, gained over many years experience in both private and public sectors.

Exec One Story

Every business has a story and ours is no different. Exec One was born from the desire to help businesses and individuals avoid financial failure and to help you achieve financial growth in both your business and personal life. After receiving some woeful and damaging financial advice in her early years, our Founder and Director decided to switch her university major from marketing to accounting, seeing a direct link between her lack of financial knowledge and her lack of financial freedom. Having been raised with an exceptional work ethic that suggested that if you work hard, you will achieve your dreams and having worked very hard, it became evident that working hard was not the sole key to success. After completing a degree in accounting, Heather also completed a CPA focusing on strategy and leadership. This together with her depth of financial knowledge and experience, Heather has helped numerous entities to navigate financial storms and set them up for success. Heather has developed a 5-Step plan that initiates a few small tweaks to a business or personal financial model that can change the equation to ensure that hard work does indeed pay off.

Heather – Founder and CEO

A qualified accountant and CPA, humanitarian and most importantly, a mum, Heather is the founder of Exec One. Heather has worked with businesses of all sizes in both private and public sector and has found a niche in helping struggling business get back on track. Heather has received awards from Southern Cross University, CPA Australia and for the development of the financial reporting for the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

The Exec One team backing you

The Exec One team is made up of industry and degree qualified professionals who are seeking work life balance and flexibility. They are available for short to medium term engagements and are personally matched by the founder to the area of need for your business. This ensures that you have the very best team backing you!

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