How to start a revolution – 3 simple steps to changing the world.

Starting a revolution is not for the feint hearted but in my opinion, the time has come for us to have a financial revolution, will you join me?

Can we actually change the world in 3 steps?

I say, why not?! Everything starts somewhere. If we think of the world today, in very simplistic terms, everything revolves around money. Good, bad, ugly, beautiful, whatever our thoughts are about money, it is needed by everyone, everywhere to achieve the things we want in life. We cannot even meet our very basic human needs (to clarify for my friends that believe Mollini’s are a basic need – I am just talking about food, shelter, warmth) without money so it’s not a question about whether we want money, but we need money. So why is it that so many of us are earning money and spending money, without actually understanding money?

Have you heard or said things like “the school should teach them about that (money)” or “I’ve never understood how to run a budget”? We recognise it is something we should understand or could have learned in school but it’s not something that everyone treats as the life-saving skill that it is. If you ask me, I think it’s because it scares us that if we understood it then we might have to change our lifestyle and deprive ourselves of the things we want. I want to assure you though that it can be the complete opposite of that! Being smart with money can help you achieve even more that you could otherwise.

But what about how money affects others? Why are we in a world where there is so much and yet we still have extreme poverty? I have heard many arguments posed over many years that talk about the fault of government of those countries, of corruption, of greed, of misfortune of geographical birth places etc and I hear all of that but what if how we, you and I, spend our money could actually be perpetuating poverty?

Conversely, what about extreme wealth? Why do we accept extreme wealth? I hear many arguments for this too – talk about the wealthy being entitled for their hard work, for their fortune into the family they were born, the fortune of geographical birth place etc and I hear all of that too. In fact, I don’t discount any arguments on any sides, I see the sense in all of them, I just don’t think we have to accept it as the end of the story. I don’t believe it needs to be the status quo.

Let’s do something

I assume because you are reading this that you and I share something very special in common. That we want the world to look a little different tomorrow than it does today and not by just sitting around and talking about it, but by actually doing something. I am no historian by any means, but what I do understand about a revolution is that there comes a time where a group of people who are tired of inequity decide to take action against the status quo, to effect change for a different tomorrow.

So here in lies why I believe, that it is time for a revolution, time to put things back in balance, time where all men who are created equal, are afforded equal opportunity. I believe this starts with you and I and how we treat money in our own lives.

3 steps to a financial revolution

We can revolutionise the world we live in by starting with our own world. We cannot expect change on a global scale without first revolutionising our internal world.

  1. Learn (get financially literate)

Learn, learn, learn – you simply must learn about money, money management, where your money goes, how your spending creates poverty and how it creates wealth. This can be personal research, taught through formal studies or we can help you with this through our Personal Finance Coaching but however you do it, do it like the revolution depends on it, do it quickly, do it thoroughly and do it now. It doesn’t matter your age or circumstance, you simply MUST understand money, it is a lifesaving skill.

How much do you need to know about money and finance? As much as you can, but not as much as you think is the right answer here. There is so much out there and even as a fully qualified CPA accountant, there is much that I will never have time to learn or know but that’s the beauty, you don’t need to know everything. You need to know enough to keep you in the driver’s seat, enough that no one can take advantage of you and enough to ensure that your money decisions contribute to a world you want to live in.

If you are comfortable with your current financial knowledge, why not take one of the numerous financial consciousness or financial literacy quizzes available on the internet and double check that you are reaching the highest possible scores and there is no room for improvement before you dismiss the idea of learning more. However, if you are reaching the highest possible scores and there is no room for improvement, please contact me, I want you on the Exec One team!!

  1. Share (your newfound knowledge)

Share, share, share the knowledge you have gained and what it has done for you. Don’t keep it to yourself, the more people that are in control of their own finances and understand their place in the world of money, the better it will be for you and everyone around you. Spread the word like the revolution depends on it. Friends, family, co-workers, children, acquaintances can all benefit from your knowledge and your encouragement for them to go out and learn for themselves too. Don’t presume that everyone understands finance. I have been shocked over the years to find people I saw as wealthier than myself have very little financial knowledge. Yes, their income might have been bigger but it didn’t make them wiser and certainly didn’t keep them out of financial trouble. If you don’t feel comfortable with sharing, then refer them to learning the way you learned and then strike up conversations about what you have both learned. Iron sharpens iron, so be sure to talk about it with as many people as you can but, please, just talk and share – please don’t provide advice unless you are qualified to do so.

PS. To add to my word of caution here – please be mindful when talking to people who say they know about finance through their own experience but have never taken any form of training. Their experience may be very limited to their own circumstances and without understanding finance, they may give off some impressions that will not work in your circumstances. I’ve seen too many times where someone has been given some ideas about mortgages based on what their friend did, the tactic was successful for their friend however they have now been left with $10,000’s additional costs over the life of their loan (that was not necessary) because their situation was different. What worked for the friend, didn’t work for them. Qualified accountants and financial planners are trained and experienced to take your specific circumstances and goals into account. Contact the Exec One team and we will match you with the right person to help you out if you are looking for direct advice on your finances rather than undertaking your own learning.

  1. Spend (where it counts)

Spend, spend, spend! Who would have thought an accountant would recommend that you spend, spend spend? Well let me qualify that by saying, spend where it counts and only what you can afford. Once you understand money and you understand where your money goes, you can make decisions about your money that go towards the world you want to live in. You will no longer be spending based on society expectation, tradition or suggestion but rather on your own solid understanding that the money you earn and the money you spend contributes to the world you want to live in. Spend like the revolution depends on it!

Will these 3 steps change the world? Well, the way I see it, every day we make decisions about how we spend our money that is keeping the wealthy, wealthy, the poor, poor and often us far from our own dreams. Someone either loses or benefits from those who haven’t acquired money knowledge. Sometimes I feel as though money knowledge appears as a bit of a secret formula but by starting with Step 1 – Learn, you will be starting a ripple effect that has the potential to change your world, the world around you and the entire globe.

The world I see

I see a world without extreme poverty or the perils of extreme wealth. I see a world with only true riches, one where the very least are seen as equal to all others. I see a world where all people understand the necessity and impact of money and where financial knowledge does not separate rich from poor. I see a world where each person is empowered to get ahead and a world where advantage is available to everyone.

Exec One Team is here to help you

I believe in this revolution, I believe that together we need to make it happen but whether we start a global revolution or not, the destination we reach is dependent on the direction that we determine and then take. Our personal and business goals are no different. Determining our destination and then making sure we get on the road to that destination is the only way we can ever hope to actually get there. What destination have you chosen for your business and/or your personal finances? Do you need a wealth coach? Do you need budgeting and finance training or your own management accountant to help you achieve your goals? Would you like to have a virtual assistant who can take some of your workload? What do you need to make a revolution in your world? If you aren’t sure, we are here to help. Exec One is committed to backing you in your business and personal goals and has the skills and experience to help you get there. Call us on 07-5636 9481 to see how Exec One can help you determine and reach your goals.

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