All that glitters.

Before I get on to virtual assistants, a wealth coach or other business professionals, I want to share a quick observation. A few years back there was a Gold Coast Bulletin headline that read “All that glitters is not gold”. It was talking about the changing ‘glitter strip’ of the Gold Coast and I recall a dear colleague being so proud of that headline because she had been instrumental in the team leading the rebranding of the Gold Coast and changing the perception of it from being just a ‘glitter strip’ to being a growing, healthy city that rivals global competitors and offers endless opportunity for everyone. 

Just a few tweaks

Over the years since, I have seen a few tweaks unfold in to a new story and a new future for the Gold Coast. With our massive infrastructure growth and the overnight birth of new businesses including cafes, craft breweries, night markets as well as attracting new major business to the Gold Coast, it’s hard to believe that we were considered anything other than a boutique global city. But that’s what a few tweaks to anything can do. The destination we reach is dependent on the direction that we determine and then take. Our personal and business goals are no different.

A new destination

Determining our destination and then making sure we get on the road to that destination is the only way we can ever hope to actually get there. What destination have you chosen for your business and/or your personal finances? Do you need a wealth coach? Do you need budgeting and finance training or your own on call CEO, CFO, COO, Management Accountant or other business professional? Would you like to have a virtual assistant who can take some of your workload? What tweaks do you need to make to unfold a new story for you? If you aren’t sure, we are here to help. Exec One is committed to backing you in your business and personal goals and has the skills and experience to help you get there. Call us on 07-5636 9481 to see how Exec One can help you determine and reach your goals.

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